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Collé was founded as a project of Atelier Pardon in order to document and publicize the ongoing research into the medium of collage as conducted by the Pardon Collection.

Nicholas Pardon

(b.1983) is the Founder of Pardon, a modern family office and venture studio working at the intersection of art & entrepreneurship. Pardon unites with next-gen wealth creators to champion culture-shaping initiatives and fund impact-driven ideas. Nicholas is also the founder of the Pardon Collection, a collection of contemporary conceptual art with an emphasis on collage.

Mario Zoots

(b.1981) lives and works in Denver, CO, where he received his MFA from the University of Denver in 2014. As a lens-based artist, he employs modes of appropriation and collage. Altering mass-produced images, found photographs, and pop culture icons to reimagine and question the belief systems that shape our world.

Lewis Caldwell

(b.1998) As producer on Collé, Lewis provides critical support across the publication ensuring the issues are compiled and delivered with a high standard of excellence. A multi-hyphenate creative, Lewis has worked previously as a project manager, photographer, and stylist and has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. He is based in Los Angeles, California.

Tyler Cash

(b.1993) Tyler brings his widespread expertise in art, entrepreneurship, design, and hospitality to the visual world of Collé. He has a broad background as a multidisciplinary designer, collaborating with numerous small businesses and agencies within the creative industry. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Biola University and is based in Orange County, California.