My work started off as an exercise in therapy in which I expressed my frustration with a number of things including the status of race relations in America (just before the George Floyd era) along with my experience as the only black creative in every agency I worked for in the Philadelphia area. I started my career as a traditional Graphic Designer. This time was filled with exploration into different printing treatments and flat vector based art. I was always drawn to the tactileness of printed work. Collage provided a way to bring this same feeling into my work.

Artist WebsiteVisit ShopDedicated Issue
Unconscious Bias, Harvard Magazine, 2021
Archival Paper, Found imagery, 8.5 x 10 in.
DES ESCLAVES À PARIS, Society Magazine, 2023
Archival paper, photo, 8 x 11 in.
Untitled, 2018
Archival paper, 15 x 15 in.
Untitled, 2022
Archival paper, Vintage magazine, 5 x 7 in.
NYT Commission, 2022
Archival Paper, 6 x 6 in.
Untitled, 2018
Archival Paper, 8 x 11 in.
Fast Car, Road & Track, 2023
Archival paper, 42 x 52 in.  
Pulling Count, The Atlantic, 2021
Archival Paper, Found imagery, 6 x 9
The Destruction of the Voting Rights Act, The Atlantic, 2022
Archival paper, 9 x 11
War, NYT, 2021
Archival Paper, 4.7 x 4.3