What fascinates me the most about collage is its accessibility and "horizontality": all you need are some pieces of paper and a bit of glue. After that, all that's left to do is have fun and pour all your emotions onto the paper.

Artist WebsiteVisit ShopDedicated Issue
In Bilico, 2023
Paper, tape, and glue, 15 x 15 cm
Stati di Agitazione, 2023
Paper, tape, and glue, 21 x 30 cm
L’arte della fuga, 2023
Paper, tissue paper and glue, 21 x 30 cm
La Forma del Vuoto, 2022
Paper and glue, 15 x15 cm
Grande è la Confusione Sotto il cielo,15 x 15 cm,
Paper and glue, 2022
Sepa - Rati, 2023
Paper, pencil, and glue, 21 x 29 cm
Crepe, 2023
Paper, glue, and tape, 15 x15 cm
(in)attesa, 2023
Paper, oil pastels, pen, glue, A4
This is care, 2023
Paper, glue, A4
La geografia amorosa del riposo, 2022
Paper, acrylic colors, glue, A4
End police violence, 2023
Paper, pencil, glue, A4
Agosto 1970, 2023
Paper, paper tape, pencil, oil pastels, glue, A4
Divagazioni sui papaveri, 2023
Paper, oil pastels, pencil, paper tape, glue, A4
Nontiscordardimé, 2023
Paper, pencil, glue, A4