I make collages and assemblages from my collection of vintage magazines, books and movie posters. Any idea I have usually starts with a single image I'm particularly struck by. I'll then add bits and take bits away until something starts to click and a story emerges, I'll then hunt around for other images to re-enforce the story. I try to create dramatic scenes in my work, which are often influenced by songs I'm listening to or books I'm reading at the time as well as real life.

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Summertime, 2022
Collage on board, 19.4 cm x 27.1 cm
Falling In Love Again, 2022
Collage on board, 21.9 cm x 22 cm
Afternoon Delight, 2022
Collage, giclee print, paint, foamboard and perspex in box frame
16 cm x 20 cm
The Lottery Winners, 2022
Collage on board, 20 cm x 25.6 cm
Overprotective, 2022
Collage on board, 16.7 cm x 24 cm
Awkward Silence, 2022
Collage on board, 15 cm x 15.3 cm
Dodgy Geezers, 2022
Collage on board, 13.8 cm x 19.9 cm