May 29, 2024
May 28, 2024
Airbag for Amy, 2017
Paper Collage, 297 x 420 mm.

In Sonmima’s work, we encounter a dynamic range of styles, from minimal compositions with delicate layering to more assertive and bold approaches. As an artist, she fluidly navigates between various mediums with a genuinely experimental spirit. Her work embodies a playful yet profoundly contemplative mode of storytelling, inviting viewers into a rich and multifaceted experience.

Untitled, 2017
Paper Collage, 297 x 210 mm.

I create collages intuitively, often feeling as though they are not made by me, but through me. I am merely a tool, ensuring that all necessary materials are at hand. Collage, for me, is also a meeting with myself and my limitations every time, and I cannot stop experimenting with new materials and techniques

Overlook, 2018
Paper Collage, Acrylic, 297 x 420 mm.

Collage, for me, is primarily an exploration. It's an exploration of myself, my states of being, and the flow that captivates me, compelling me to create. It's also always about the outcome, as I seldom approach my work with any expectations. I am an observer and executor of what flows through me.

Day 5 from 31 Day Project, 2023
Paper Collage, 297 x 210 mm.

Day 7 from 31 Day Project, 2023
Paper Collage, 320 x 240 mm.

For me, it's crucial to maintain a theme of non-judgment in the creative process, allowing it to flow freely. Independence from others' opinions about the work is significant—I may contemplate it beforehand, but ultimately, I let the collage or any art work simply come into being.

Day 10 from 31Day Project, 2023
Paper, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Watercolor, Pencil, Pastel, 297 x 420 mm.

Day 19 from 31 Day Project, 2023
Paper Collage, 200 x 200 mm.

Sonmima is a versatile artist, adept in various visual art forms including collage, painting, and tattoo. She currently works as a props designer for Lepta Production in Lisbon and is a student at the School of Contemporary Art AR.CO in Lisbon. Sonmima relocated with her family from St. Petersburg, Russia, at the onset of the war. She has held personal collage exhibitions in both St. Petersburg and Lisbon and has created collages for brands, magazines, and music album covers.

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