September 27, 2023
March 14, 2024
Transmission City, 2018
Analog collage, 2 x 2 ft.

Morgan Jesse Lappin is a Brooklyn-based artist known for his analog collages, which blend humor and chaos through the use of nostalgic paper materials. In 2013, he founded the Brooklyn Collage Collective, a pioneering platform that has since gained international recognition for bringing together a community of collage artists.

The Universal Connection, 2021
Analog collage, 8 x 6 in.

A lot of artists hold a consistent style. I myself, as someone with ADHD, bounce from one style to another. Jumping from small, to big, to 3D, and beyond. It keeps me on my toes, as I love to explore new styles within collage. A lot of my works have strong comedic elements, while others depict imagined cities reaching 9 feet wide by 3 feet tall consisting of thousands of buildings combining from vintage children's books, to real life architecture from travel guides from the 1940’s.

City of Lonely Souls, 2020
Analog collage, 11 x 15 in.

I consider life a collage, and I do my best to represent that through my art. For me, collage is a passion, and therapeutic.

After The Flood, 2019
Analog collage,17 x 13 in.
Hector The Travler, 2023
Analog collage, 13 x 15.5 in.

An amazing part of living in NYC is that you find a lot of amazing magazines and books on the streets. This can of course turn into a hoarding problem which I'm sure many other collage artists share. I’ve been in the same apartment for 12 years in Bushwick. I have books & magazines stuffed into every available space in my apartment. From kitchen cabinets to the cabinet below the sink.

I do have a file cabinet, sorry, file cabinet(s), and I have hundreds of categories full of pre cut clips i’ve been cutting since 2007. It’s an addiction for sure.

City of Athena, 2018
Analog collage, 22 x 14 in.

The first artist I really took to, was H.R. Giger. None of my work reflects his influence, but the fact that someone can create such amazing and emotional art, blew my mind. Frank Frazetta, Ralph Bakshi, and Salvador Dalí became big influences as well.

I grew up with hippy parents who had awesome taste in music. They had a pretty big vinyl collection, and as a kid I would flip through all the albums, and fall in love with all the album art. One of the album covers that really blew my mind was the Frank Zappa/Overnight Sensation album. There’s a million things going on at once, and if you unfolded the album, all the art was connected. And as strange as this may sound, my love for music and being a musician myself has an influence in the visual art I create, and vice versa.

Air Mail City, No.6 NYC Edition, 2019
Analog collage, 14 x 11 in.

Morgan Lappin was born in 1979 in Suffern, New York, USA. He is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

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