October 4, 2023
March 14, 2024
Conversaciones Conmigo, 2022
Cyanotype on deconstructed papers, 35 x 42 cm

Clara Z elevates the medium of paper collage with her dissected cyanotypes. The monochromatic blues not only capture the eye but also serve as a defining characteristic across her body of work. Each composition stands as a singular, unrepeatable act, capturing the essence and magic inherent in her practice.

Cajitas, 2023
Cyanotypes on cardboard, 170 x 160 cm

I work a lot with cyanotype at the moment, a process that involves using photosensitive chemicals to develop my analog photographs under UV light. I frequently combine this technique with others, such as collage and sculpture. I enjoy experimenting with new ideas while also being open to letting go of others. This, in fact, is my favorite aspect of the creative process, as I aim to craft distinctive artworks that diverge in terms of materials, concepts, or techniques.

Nube, 2022
Cyanotype on paper, fabric, cardboard and bills, 180 x 135 cm

In my artwork I aim to explore various themes, each infused with a profound sense of nostalgia. I seek to convey emotions, memories, and the concept of oblivion while providing fresh perspectives on the world.

Los Ojos, 2023
Cyanotype on paper, 140 x 140 cm
Otra Historia, 2022
Cyanotype on recycled cardboard box, 36 x 46 cm

I approach my work in a spiral manner, where certain stages might be revisited. Sometimes, I begin with a specific idea, create a sketch, and delve into my archive of analog photographs. Once I have a clear vision in mind, I proceed to work on each cyanotype before assembling the final big collage. Other times, I dive directly into experiments, and the concept unfolds along the way.

Oporto Tejida, 2023
Weaved cyanotype, part of a special series of collaborative artworks with
Mariano Fernandez Zaragoza
32 x 32 cm

Collage opens up a world of new possibilities for my artwork. Since creating very large cyanotypes can be challenging or expensive and I am particularly drawn to large-scale works, I often think of collage as a means to expand the dimensions of my pieces, resulting in new creations enriched with additional or different meanings.

Lo Que No Fue, 2022
Cyanotype on book pages, 42 x 34 cm

Clara Z was born in 1998 in Argentina. She is currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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An additional selection of works by artists we have our eyes on.

Olly Fathers is an artist based in Brixton, London. His work explores the relations between abstract shapes, different materials, and forms. Creating well finished, often playful pieces that encourage the viewer to take a closer look to understand the balance and precision involved. With a strict eye for detail, Fathers takes great satisfaction in the making process and this often becomes influential in the outcome of his work.

Josèfa Ntjam is an artist, performer and writer whose practice combines sculpture, photomontage, film and sound. Collecting the raw material of her work from the internet, books on natural sciences and photographic archives, Ntjam uses assemblage – of images, words, sounds, and stories – as a method to deconstruct the grand narratives underlying hegemonic discourses on origin, identity and race. Her work weaves multiple narratives drawn from investigations into historical events, scientific functions and philosophical concepts, to which she confronts references to African mythology, ancestral rituals, religious symbolism and science-fiction.

Gaëlle Choisne was born in 1985 in Cherbourg, France. She currently lives and works in Paris, as well as working with a number of public and private institutions in Haïti, where she is engaged in various alternative, collective and cultural projects.

Chris Dorland is a Canadian/American artist working at the intersection between painting and new media. His studio practice is based on the establishment of a dialogue between analog and digital techniques, through which the artist analyzes the ramifications of human modes of perception and existence within contemporary societies of control. With a particular emphasis on examining the ways in which surveillance technologies perceive, record and reproduce reality, Dorland uses a variety of screens, drones and other optical devices to compose images that explore the increasingly tenuous boundaries between physical and digital environments, actual and virtual realities.

Iñaki Bonillas uses a combination of conceptual, autobiographical and archival photographic practice to explore light, the lapse of time, and editing processes. He creates installations that resemble taxidermy cases, systems of taxonomy, or quasi-scientific studies, relying heavily on photographic editing processes and the manipulation of lighting to alter the possibilities of the photographs and to challenge standard documentary practices in photography. Since 2003, Bonillas has worked from his family photo archives, altering images of his grandfather, family members, and others from the past.

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Fred Tomaselli Interview: Drawing on New York Times

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