December 20, 2023
March 13, 2024
study1104, 2023
Archival papers, 11 X 14 in.

Matthew Zaremba is a multidisciplinary artist known for his illustrated reflections on the human condition. In his collage work, he employs a minimalist, grid-like approach that captures the essence of time. His compositions, a curation of aged book pages, weave together a narrative of imperfection and temporality, accentuated with pops of color. As an internationally recognized and published artist, Zaremba's commitment to tactile, analog techniques in his diverse creative work — which spans from print to public murals — echoes a broader desire to reconnect with the tangible and handcrafted in the digital age.

study907, 2023
Archival papers, 11 X 14 in.

To me, making collage work is similar to my youth digging in the crates and producing instrumental compositions. There is a common thread of discovery and reworking of materials to create something new that can encapsulate a vision or feeling. Within the limitation of specific materials, there emerges a focus on creative approach and individual style. In that sense, it also reminds me of graffiti. We may utilize similar materials and follow traditions, but it’s the unique approach and nuances that breathe life into the work.

study1004, 2023
Archival papers, 11 X 14 in.

I really like blank pages from old books for neutrals. Especially if there are water stains, mildew, and other blemishes. There is a story in the materials sometimes. Age. The passing of time. I also like to extract old imagery of gradients from the backgrounds or periphery of ads. It’s usually what’s just outside of the center of attention that I am most interested in. Subtle elements that can be incorporated into a composition. What was in the background became the foreground… Became the center of attention.

study828, 2023
Archival papers, 11 X 14 in.
study906, 2023
Archival papers, 11 X 14 in.

When I first started making collages again, the content felt more figurative or overt, so to speak. More imagery, more text, more distressed elements. Aesthetically I had become more and more appreciative of textile works, patchwork, and minimalism. It was at this point that I shifted my style to more of a grid-like or patchwork approach, layering, color-blocking, and abutting elements. I’ve really enjoyed this approach, as it feels natural to me. I suppose I want the viewer to feel the organic nature of the works. They just ARE, more than they are trying to BE if that makes sense. There’s a timelessness and purposefulness that I think comes across, or is my intention at least. I suppose that’s the message they attempt to convey… A quiet acknowledgement that it is what it is and what that is just works. I think that’s how I look at life these days.

study708, 2023
Archival papers, 11 X 14 in.

I think most of the emphasis has been on digital collage and now the advancement of AI technology. I’m not interested in either. I find a lot of joy in the analog nature of the collage work I am making, and that of other artists I have been seeing. I think the future of not only art, but society as a whole, will eventually come to a greater appreciation for all things analog and tactile. We’ve been racing towards milestone after milestone of technological advancement for decades now, and I think people are hurting more than ever. I believe there is a direct correlation there, and the only way to course-correct is to re-center ourselves, and society, in a more conscious and mindful way of living and creating.

study717, 2023
Archival papers, 11 X 14 in.

Matthew Zaremba was born in 1983 in Boston, Massachusetts. He is currently based in New England.

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