January 3, 2024
March 13, 2024
#210920, 2021
Cardboard, carbon paper, 37 x 45.5 cm

Jeroen Migneaux blends abstract scientific concepts with graphic design in his collages. Utilizing vintage materials and a structured grid approach, his pieces are rich in texture and depth. Migneaux's evolution from digital influences to tactile collage work highlights his dynamic and innovative style, captivating both intellectually and visually.

#200104, 2020
Paper from old second-hand books and black cardboard, 47.4 x 59.2 cm

I am personally very interested in abstract concepts in science such as quantum entanglement, multiverse theory, black holes, the golden ratio etc. Since my work itself is abstract and methodological, I suspect that I subconsciously draw inspiration from this field.

Untitled, 2023
Old protective transparent paper, colored papers and grid with glass, 28.5 x 35.5 cm

My starting point is always a grid that serves as a framework. The grid can be (transparent) paper layered on top of itself, create new planes and lines or it can be the glass in front of the collage that’s acting like a grid. I need this grid as a starting point because otherwise I can become overwhelmed by all the possibilities of creating a composition on a blank canvas. A grid provides me with a structure to work within.

#210727, 2021
Paper from old second-hand books, black cardboard and tracing paper
46 x 50.5 cm
Untitled, 2023
Worn, old transparent paper & washi tape, 43.6 x 54 cm

AM Cassandre was my main inspiration when I started with collage. I love his graphic posters and the use of airbrush to create textures and shadows. In my early collages I looked a lot at his compositions and used the shadow of my papers to create that airbrush effect as well. Lately, I noticed I’ve stepped further away from Cassandre as my main inspiration

R - No._001, 2022
Worn, old transparent paper & washi tape, 43.6 x 54 cm

As a graphic designer, I collected quite a lot of graphic papers throughout the years. I mainly use old letraset paper, carbon paper, cardboard and paper from secondhand books that I buy in flea markets. I like to use older paper, as it gives some extra texture to the work.

#210301, 2021
Paper from old second-hand books, black cardboard and carbon paper, 41 x 45.5 cm

Jeroen Migneaux was born in 1987 in Menen, Belgium. He is currently based in Gent, Belgium.

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Kimowan Metchewais: A Kind of Prayer

A Kind of Prayer presents the first-ever survey dedicated to the late Cree artist Kimowan Metchewais and his singular body of work on Indigenous identity, community, and colonial memory. After his untimely death at age forty-seven in 2011, Metchewais left behind a wholly original and expansive body of photographic and mixed-media work. At the center of his practice is an extensive Polaroid archive, which addresses a range of themes and served as the source material for works in other media, such as painting and collage.


Paul Loughney - Recent Collages

Paul Loughney: Recent Collages, showing at The Betsy Hotel, Miami Beach from December 7th, 2023, blends surreal collage and storytelling in an immersive art experience. In this exhibition, Loughney's distinct blend of visual ambiguity and poetic imagery offers a profound and thought-provoking experience for its viewers.


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WRWTFWW Records announce the release of the new album from legendary Deee-Lite member Towa Tei, celebrating the 30th year of his career. Available on (orange) vinyl for the first time outside of Japan. It was mixed by famed engineer Goh Hotoda and the artwork comes from painter Tomoo Gokita.