February 28, 2024
March 13, 2024
Falun Series, 2023
Collage on plexiglass, 36 x 48 in.

Joseph Staples' work is an exploration of the psychological interstices where separation and connection converge, a concept inspired by Thomas Hirschhorn's notion that "every separation is a link." Staples engages in a ritualistic practice, reiterating images as mantras over periods that span up to a decade, a process that not only evolves the artwork but catalyzes personal transformation. His technique of enlarging, cutting, and meticulously assembling prints onto wood panels is a tangible expression of his practice. Staples, however, is critical of the complacency he perceives in contemporary collage, seeking instead to infuse the medium with the innovation he finds lacking, thereby challenging the viewer's perceptions and redefining the boundaries of collage as a reflective and transformative art form.

At first you may only be able to progress this far (series), 2023
Collage on panel, 36 x 48 in.

"I think about everything as one thing added to another and what their relationship is. Whatever kind of work I am making that’s the attitude. Thomas Hirschhorn said that every separation is a link, so love is in that line that separates things. That line is psychological rather than artistic. That line is where the real juice is."

Joseph Staples

Walker Meat (series), 2018
Scanned collage (photographs, painted meat) in glass on steel shelf, 32 x 42 in.

"Collage is very promiscuous; each work using a picture only once and then moving on. My practice is based on a long term relationship with an individual or series of images. I use these individual images over and over again to make work. Some result in a couple pieces, a few images I have been involved with for almost 10 years and dozens of large works. The images get to be like mantras you repeat. If the images stay the same, you have to change. It’s been the best way for me to grow."

At first you may only be able to progress this far (series), 2013 and 2021
Collage on panel, 29 x 39 in.

Sexual Love (series), 2012
Collage, 7”x 7 in.

"I mentioned that I usually use the same images over and over again and they typically come from a single image or a series of images in a book. I make a stack of copies of the original for source material. I like to sit down and work with an image for a long time, maybe a few weeks. Then I take the pile and edit it down to one or two."

Luba Yoga (series), 2016
Collage on panel, 42 x 60 in.

"There is an absence of innovations that have happened in painting, photography, film, or any other field of visual arts. It’s made the practice boring, predictable. You hear the comments of the death of painting, the crisis of painting, and it pushes the field and work forward. I feel this lack of introspection about the state of collage as a field is a problem. We are complicit in this. If we love collage the way we believe we do, It’s existential that we take even the possibility of stagnation seriously. I think it should be to anybody who fell in love with the form to begin with."

Skyview series (244), 2021
Digital image, Dimensions variable

Joseph Staples was born in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan. He is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

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