March 13, 2024
March 21, 2024
Labirinto, 2023
Analog collage, 15 x 15 cm


Francine Alves transforms mundane scenes into rich compositions, revealing hidden narratives through a blend of urban and natural elements. She views collage as a dynamic, personal art form that evolves with global rhythms. Her work, a dance of deconstruction and reconstruction, invites viewers to explore the subtle, concealed stories of the everyday, embodying a vision of a conscious, interconnected future.

Sunflower, 2023
Analog collage, 4 x 5 cm

"I feel compelled to enhance my photographs and make them distinct, moving beyond the usual and simplistic to create layers, and thus open a door to new perspectives and ways of seeing an object (photo), producing an unexpected image in the process. I aim to transform the abstract into the concrete, capturing that fleeting moment of the photograph that didn't quite fit, the invisible. Interpreting a feeling, something inherently abstract, into something concrete is complex because it's not universally understood. I wish to offer people torn papers with various options in the same instant, enabling them to produce beautiful dreams and generate new ones. To destroy in order to create is my way of making the invisible visible."

Francine Alves

Carrossel, 2016
Analog collage, 10 x 15 cm

"I began creating collages in my teenage years within my diaries as a way to exercise my imagination, which fueled my desire to learn more about society. Today, collage serves as a means to fill the voids of daily routine, offering moments of reflection on the events surrounding me and how I can address them both personally and collectively. Creating surreal or abstract images has become a method to present positive perspectives, connect with others, and convey that we are not alone."

Procura se o gato da minha tia, 2022
Analog collage, 10 x 18 cm  

Attention, 2020
Analog collage, 12 x 18,5 cm

"I analyze and strive to understand the invisible aspects of the image, combining shapes and accessories to discern what enhances visibility. Through various processes of cutting and pasting, I aim to convey a certain meaning or feeling to others."

Gambiarra, 2015
Analog collage, 10 x 15  cm

"Collage is an art form that evolves with the routine of the world, embodying uniqueness and personal expression; it manifests through the consumption of surrounding references. The choice of materials varies with the artist’s skill and location, projecting a vision of a future that is both global and conscious."

Ace of Wands, 2021
Digital collage, 707 x 1015 px
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For Your Viewing Pleasure

An additional selection of works by artists we have our eyes on.

Elsa Paricio (Madrid, 1985) is a visual artist whose drawings and illustrations combine art, literature, science and collecting. Her work explores the multiple layers of significance that result from the juxtaposition of image and text and underlines the relation between drawing, time and landscape. Paricio’s work is characterized by her profound analytical dedication imbuing it with profound introspective as well as turning her artistic process into a mechanism with which she rationalized spontaneous thoughts and pulsations that surge within her.

Karina Aguilera Skvirsky (b. Providence, RI) is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice began in photography and grew into video and performance. In 2019, she received a grant from Creative Capital to produce Sacred Geometry, a series of hand-cut photographic collages and How to build a wall and other ruins, a project that includes a multi-channel video installation and live performances. She has exhibited Sacred Geometry in solo exhibitions at Museo Amparo in Puebla, Mexico and Ponce + Robles Gallery in Madrid, Spain.

Jonathan Hernández captures overlooked urban narratives through photography, video, and collage, focusing on the overload of everyday images. He repurposes common visuals, like those from newspapers and ads, removing identifiable details to make viewers rethink their meanings and contexts.

Benjamín Torres, born in Mexico City in 1969, transitioned from sculpture to a broader, post-conceptual three-dimensional practice. He critically engages with consumer and media culture through collection, dismantling, and analysis. Employing post-avant-garde techniques like appropriation, intervention, recontextualization, and assembly, Torres reinterprets both global and local cultural phenomena.

Luisa Pastor's art captures the essence of fragmentation, blending humor and irony to provoke deep reflections on contemporary life's foundations. Her meticulous work with old account books as her canvas reveals a keen eye for detail, symbolically piecing together the scattered narratives of the mundane to challenge and enlighten her audience.

Out and About

How and where to engage with collage in the world around us.
What to watch, read, and experience, as curated by the Collé team.


Repeat Play - The art of Paul Pfeiffer

Jan Tumlir's critique of Paul Pfeiffer's show at MoCA, Los Angeles, illuminates Pfeiffer's deep dive into the nexus of media, fame, and audience interpretation. Tumlir praises Pfeiffer for adeptly using repetition, erasure, and alteration to question how images influence and mirror societal values. Pfeiffer's work emerges as a nuanced examination of media's impact on collective narratives and desires.


Tear Your Heart Out by villagerrr

As villagerrr, Mark Allen Scott's songs are mesmerizing and unmistakably Midwestern. The prolific Ohio artist thrives on imbuing mundane moments with disarming emotional clarity. His latest LP 'Tear Your Heart Out', his fourth album since he started the project in early 2022, is for long drives where the light shines through the sunroof, small-town get-togethers, and the times when you realize more about yourself and who you want in your life.


Urs Fischer - Beauty

Mar 05 - May 25, 2024
Gagosian is set to present "Beauty," an exhibition of new works from Urs Fischer’s "Problem Paintings" series, at their rue de Castiglione location in Paris. Fischer's work investigates themes of perception and representation, often distorting reality and reimagining everyday objects through a technological lens.