March 27, 2024
March 29, 2024
Elvis Suite, August 2022
Collage, Each 2.5 x 3 in.


In Fred Blauth's work, everyday objects are transformed into personalized collages, showcasing a playful blend of found materials from his Queens, New York, community. His work, which avoids a singular theme, emphasizes a creative process that includes unique constraints and a queer sensibility. Blauth anticipates the future of collage as an evolution driven by the changing relationship between artist, materials, and vision, emphasizing the personal and communal essence of his practice.


Punch Suite, December 2022
Collage,  Each 2.5 x 4.5 in.

"As a collagist, I must use what I have around me to make what I need. What I need is sometimes a birthday gift, or a game, or an adventure to go on, a friend, a cause— a reason to play. What I have are books from my neighbors or confetti from the dollar store or shells from the beach: the stuff around me. There's always an act of transformation involved. I often have someone in mind when I’m working too."

Archie Collages, Winter 2020
Collage, Sizes Variable

"I do not have a distinct theme however, I do regularly make collages in the format of trading cards. This practice started a year ago when I began to make suits of cards that worked within a theme, monthly. I have to thank my friend Steve Hohenboken who invited me to trade with him and others in the group, MICPCE, the Monthly International Playing Card Exchange (#micpce). Me and Steve recently founded our own trading card group too called Queer Card (#queencard) and play quarterly. It’s a small group right now–if you’d like to join us, reach out! Since October 2022, I’ve made over 100 cards and have received almost just as many back in trade."

Hair Spell Suite, September 2023
Collage, Each 2.5 x 3 in.

Pic Dic Series, October 2021
Collage, Sizes Variable

"I don’t have any hard or fast rules overall but often use restraints within project to project. For one series, I forced myself to make decisions without scissors or blades. Another time, I would only us imagery from one source. When I started making collages, I was really interested in fusion and only let myself combine two pieces of paper per work. I also try to only use material I’ve found from the world IRL. I’m queer so there’s always going to be a fairy’s touch in everything I do."

Fools Suite, November 2022
Collage, Each 2.5 x 3 in.

"Most of my material comes from Queens. During Covid, all the libraries shut down. A man in my neighborhood set up tables by the park for people to trade books in the meantime. The Sunnyside Books and Media Swap is still operating today and books from all over the world are traded there day and night for free. When I’m not using books from the swap, I still search the world around me: Thrift stores, libraries, seedy porn shops, the ground, dollar sometimes too will appear from special people in my life, my angels. It's always a game of search and find. As for subject matter, it's not so clear cut why I gravitate toward something.. I always feel like everything’s flying at me and it's only my job to capture what I see–to use it."

Deck Suite, February 2023
Collage, Sizes Variable

Fred Blauth was born in 1993 in New Jersey. He is currently living in Woodside, New York City, USA.

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