Laura Weiler is a visual artist and arts facilitator working primarily in analog and digital collage as well as mixed media. Laura combines her love of paper ephemera and design to create dynamic and unexpected images. Informed by a background in film, photography, and floral design, her compositions are both dramatic and tender, rendered with psychological layers and given vital, expressive energy.

​Laura’s work is part of the permanent collection at The Scandinavian Collage Museum in Norway. She has been published in multiple print and online publications worldwide including editorial illustrations for Cosmopolitan, Road & Track, and Bend Magazine. Her art direction projects cover interdisciplinary ground, such as floral design for Harpo Studios, album and mural design, commercials, and films screened at the Chicago International Film Festival. She has facilitated creative experiences for public and private audiences as well as government agencies with a concentration on affordable housing.

​​In 2021 Laura co-founded the Pacific Northwest Collage Collective to connect regional artists and celebrate collage as a medium. The PNWCC hosts open calls, and exhibitions and works closely with community-based collaborators.

​Laura is now based in western Michigan by way of Portland, OR, and Chicago, IL. She is a member of the Portage Arts Committee and Collage Crew Kzoo. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring her home state and hanging out with her family and their slinky black cat Lucy.

Artist WebsiteVisit ShopDedicated Issue
Wading, 2022
Printed Photos, 8 x 11 in.
Secret Meeting Spot, 2020
Vintage Magazine & Ephemera, 10 x 12 in.
Resting My Eyes, 2021
Vintage Ephemera & Printed Photo, 12 x 12 in.
Train, 2021,
Vintage Magazine & Ephemera, 9.5 x 11 in.
Stroll, 2022
Vintage Book, Magazine & Ephemera, 8 x 10 in.
Winter Ciggy, 2023
Vintage Magazine and Cardstock, 8 x 10 in.  
Golden Girl,
Printed Photograph, Vintage Magazine & Cardstock, 8.5 x 11 in.

A Sketch #1, 2023
Vintage Magazine
Apple of my Eye, 2020
Vintage magazine & Cardstock
Crossing Over, 2022
Vintage Ephemera & Printed Photograph
Friendship Chapters, 2023
Vintage Magazine & Cardstock
Grey House, 2023
Vintage Magazine & Epemera
My Favorite Sweater, 2022
Vintage Magazine & Ephemera
two housess, 2023
Vintage Magazine and Ephemera, Cardstock
Untitled, 2019
Vintage Magazine